• i3 Research Topics
    From human and societal values to ICT developement
  • Exploring collaborative technologies for small groups
    Group behavior modeling and persuasive technologies
  • Design Inclusive Services With Seniors
    Designing for quality of life
  • Co-Design With People
    i3 conducts Human-Centered Design and Participatory Design activities
  • ICT for families
    Familink: a mobile services designed for and with families to support offline sociability

The i3 research unit focuses on designing interaction modalities for cutting-edge IT using a highly interdisciplinary approach borrowed from social sciences.

The research objectives are at the same time technological—that is, developing innovative technologies—and social—that is, investigating how people use and benefit from these technologies.The emphasis is to investigate interactive experiences aimed at improving the quality of human interactions mediated by computers.

The i3 research unit participates to the activities of SIGCHI Italy ( http://sigchitaly.eu/) the Italian Chapter of the ACM Special Interest Group on Computer-Human Interaction.