1 October 2018 to 1 June 2020 - PROJECT CLOSED

Mountain sports require specific equipment and appropriate preparation to be practiced safely. Since they are very complex sports, those who want to start practicing them need to learn the right physical skills, the management of their own emotions, and the coordination with the sports partners. This learning process is often difficult because the trainee is far from the instructor, and we believe technology can help overcome this problem. In this regard, we aim to design and develop a wearable system that could bridge the communication gap between trainees and instructors through multimodal communication (i.e., through visual, haptic, and auditory messages). To do this, we will develop a vocabulary of multimodal messages to embed in wearable devices that will allow both the trainee and the instructor to convey simple messages regarding the whole mountain experience, i.e., the physical performance, the lived experience, emotions, and group coordination.


Funding: “Bando giovani ricercatori” Fondazione Caritro (grant Prot. SG 1939/17).