Mobile Territorial Lab aims at creating an experimental environment to push forward the research on human-behavior analysis and interaction studies of people while in mobility. MTL has been created by Telecom Italia SKIL Lab, in cooperation with Telefonica I+D, the Human Dynamics group at MIT Media Lab, the Institute for Data Driven Design (ID³) and Fondazione Bruno Kessler. 

MTL aims at exploiting smartphones’ sensing capabilities to unobtrusively and cost-effectively access to previously inaccessible sources of data related to daily social behavior (location, physical proximity of other devices; communication data, movement patterns).

MTL is a socio-technical infrastructure, a living lab that integrates research and innovation processes following a user-centered approach. i3 Research Unit goal is to involve users and communities in the co-creation of services and infrastructures exploiting a human-centered and an interdisciplinary approach.

Empowering Local Communities: Familink

Within the Mobile Territorial Lab, the i3 Research Unit goal is to carry out research on personal-data driven mobile services and to investigate how personal “big” data can be exploited to create services that enhance individual awareness and empower communities.

“familink” is the first mobile service delivered to the MTL community (about 100 parents with young children) to foster offline interactions and social exchange among parents. Research is aimed at exploring how mobile-phone data can be exploited to understand and influence the community social dynamics.


Paolo Massa


Chiara Leonardi


Massimo Zancanaro