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  1. Roberto Brunelli; Ornella Mich; Carla Maria Modena,
    Retrieval by Image Content for Video and Image Databases: A Survey,
    Large databases of images and video data are now available. The management and exploitation of these new media databases require extensions of the traditional query mechanisms developed for accessing textual information. This survey reviews some recent works on the management of video and image data,
  2. Oliviero Stock; Carlo Strapparava; Massimo Zancanaro,
    Multimodal Navigation in an Information Space,
    Proceedings of the Seventh European Conference on Cognitive Ergonomics [ECCE 7],
  3. Ornella Mich,
    Viewpoint Dependence in Face Recognition,
    This paper analyzes the problem of face recognition as a cognitive process. Specifically, it studies the influence of the angle from which the face to recognize is observed. Following the examination of studies that considered this problem in the past, two psychophysical experiments are presented that seek to further clarify the problem. It is shown that the subject gives different responses according to target viewpoint, with the surest and most rapid recognition coming from observation of the right-hand side of the face.,