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    Un'interfaccia basata su linguaggio naturale per lo sportellista della Pubblica Amministrazione: il prototipo di TAMIC,
  2. Elena Not,
    Generazione automatica di documenti amministrativi per una comunità multilingue,
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  6. Emanuele Pianta; E. Giorda; Elena Not,
    Implementation of a Text Structurer for Automatically Generated Multilingual Texts,
    In this paper we address the development and implementation of the strategical component of a system that automatically generates multilingual texts in the administrative domain. The component, called Text Structurer, selects from the knowledge base the relevant information to be communicated and optimally builds – for three output languages (English, Italian and German) – the communicative (intentional) and rhetorical structure of the final text. It also chooses some of the cohesive devices (anaphora and thematic progression) that improve the quality of the output draft,
  7. Emanuele Pianta; Elena Not,
    Designing a Text Planning Architecture for a Multilingual Generation System,
  8. Roberto Brunelli; Ornella Mich; Carla Maria Modena,
    A Survey on Automatic Indexing of Audio - Video Data,
    Today considerable amount of audio-video data in multimedia databases requires sophisticated indices for its effective use. Manual indexing is the more effective method to do this, but it is also the slowest and the more expensive. Automated methods have then to be developed. This paper surveys several approaches and algorithms that have been recently proposed to help in automatically structuring audio-visual data, both for annotation and access,
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