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  6. Ornella Mich,
    Launch your Demo on the Web,
    This paper is a very short guide for launching successfully a system demonstration on the Web. It doesn't want to be a complete guide, but it only gives some easy and sometimes probably obvious advice to help in the navigation of the ever growing World Wide Web. A list of the most popular search engines and Web directories is compiled. The history of the launch on the Web of the COMPASS demo, a system for image retrieval by content, is described. At the end the references to some Computer Vision related archives are cited.,
  7. Ornella Mich,
    The COMPASS Server: a modified version of tclhttpd2.1.3,
    COMPASS [1] is a distributed system for image retrieval by content. The COMPASS server, a modified version of the tclhttpd2.1.3 server, is presented in this paper,
  8. Enrico Blanzieri; Paolo Giorgini; Paolo Massa; Sabrina Recla,
    Collaborative Filtering via Implicit Culture,
    Implicit Culture is the relation existing between a set and a group of agents such that the elements of the set behave according to the culture of the group. Earlier work claimed that supporting Implicit Culture phenomena can be useful for both artificial and human agents. In particular, collaborative filtering - the popular technique exploited in reccomendation systems - can be seen as a System for Implicit Culture Support (SICS). In this paper, we refine the definition of Implicit Culture, present an implementation of a SICS, and show its functional equivalence to collaborative filtering on the particular domain of item-ranking agent with an adequate a priori theory. Results and advantages of the more general framework are presented and discussed,
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