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Research on social activity on Wikis

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This line of research focuses on analysing patterns of social interactions on Wikis, mainly Wikipedia. We have studied social networks and interactions between contributors in Wikipedia, see the paper "Social networks of Wikipedia" and "Digital libraries and social Web: Insights from Wikipedia users’ activities".

We have also investigated the processes of collective memory building in Wikipedia, analyzing contributions about events both traumatic, such as current revolutions, and non traumatic. See the papers "Collective memory building in Wikipedia: the case of North African uprisings", "Wiki-revolutions: Wikipedia as a Lens for Studying the Real-time Formation of Collective Memories of Revolutions".

We have also focused on the different representations of the same concept across different language editions of Wikipedia. You can try it at or read the paper "Manypedia: Comparing Language Points of View of Wikipedia Communities". We have also studied the distribution of edits to Wikipedia in the world countries and across genders and created a tool for visualizing this information. You can try the web tool at or read the paper "WikiTrip: animated visualization over time of gender and geo-location of Wikipedians who edited a page". We have also created a web tool for seeing which organizations edit anonymously Wikipedia pages, you can try it at

Thursday, 17 October, 2013

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