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Personal Fitness Club

The main objective of the Personal Fitness Club is to extend the period of independent living for older adults.

This activity focuses at increasing the physical and emotional wellbeing of older adults. It does so based on the intuition that physical activity and emotional wellbeing are deeply linked by a two-way interaction and can hardly be achieved independently. The two-way interaction means: an active body and mind facilitate interaction with society, feeling of participation, and access to/fruition of services, factors that are known to be highly correlated with happiness.

On the other hand, social interactions act as a motivational factor for performing regular training. Indeed, as we know from modern fitness club management, training has a very strong social dimension. The virtual cycle also has the potential of creating harmonious passion, another key ingredients of happiness.

The Personal Fitness Club exploits this synergies by providing an ICT infrastructure, algorithms, interaction designs, sensors and interfaces that allows the creation, operation, and animation of virtual fitness clubs where older adults at different levels of capabilities can train at home, independently but with the distinct feeling of training within a fitness class, with the other club members. The level and intensity of physical activity is also individually tailored through a personalization algorythm and thanks to the remote assistance of a personal trainer.


Università di Trento

Trento Rise

Technische University Eindhoven



Friday, 28 November, 2014