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ITCH (Intelligent Technologies for Cultural Visists and Mobile Education) was a joint project between Italy and Israel, sponsored by the Italian Ministry of University and Research and by the Autonomous Province of Trento. The project was concerned with new concepts for intelligent technologies supporting museum visits.

Various areas of Artificial Intelligence were involved, including the production of dynamic presentations, group interaction support, user modelling, natural language processing, reasoning, tabletop collaborative systems, human-computer interaction.

conversation in the museum        one of ITCH scenarios   Cafè table scenario

Watch a video on the "Cafè Table" prototype developed within ITCH.

The project had the task of developing technologies for a group of people moving within a physical cultural space and discussing the experience. In particular, the project emphasized the fact that this is not a mere group of people, but rather individuals who communicate among one another during their visit and even afterwards. The purpose was to increase the interest of visitors in a theme, enjoy the visit, give them more in-depth information, and if possible make them return. Recent sociological studies emphasize the value of the conversations that visitors hold inside the museum. One of our objectives was to favour the conversations in the museum through the use of flexible, non-intrusive technology.

FBk-irst, Italy

Haifa University - Israel

Trento University - Italy

Bar-Ilan University - Israel

Funded by the Italian Ministry of University and Research and by the Autonomous Province of Trento (FIRB Programme). The project number is RBIN045PXH.
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