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Project researchers

The goal of ACUBE project was to create an advanced, generic monitoring infrastructure for Assisted Living, able to monitor in a uniform, adaptive, and high quality manner the patients, the environment and its operators, and the ongoing activities. In a typical scenario, ACube acts as a supervisor of a physical environment where people with cognitive problems (some more severe than others) are living. ACube serves as an aide to the various caregivers who provide both monitoring and care for the guests.


Tuesday, 7 October, 2008 to Friday, 7 October, 2011
3 years
Call for proposal "Grandi Progetti 2006", Autonomous Province of Trento
Unit role: 

i3 research Unit took care of user-centered design activities. Our main goal was to identify the user requirements, the overall architectural specifications of the ACube Platform along with indicators to be used in the assessment of the final prototypes. From a methodological point of view, two different approaches have been employed and merged: User-Centred Design (UCD) and Goal-Oriented Requirements Engineering (GORE). While UCD pushes for understanding the intricate network of relationships among the users, their tasks and their actual environment, GORE offers formal representation techniques whose models can be automatically analysed to detect conflicts and dependencies between requirements. The combination of the two methods will be instrumental to properly guide the design of the complex technologies of ACube while helping to fill the gap between the end users and the developers.