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ACROSS (Augmented Communication foR Outdoor SportS) - Mountain sports require specific equipment and appropriate preparation in order to be practiced safely. This learning process is often difficult because the trainee is far from the instructor and we believe technology can offer a support for this problem. In this regard, we aim to design and develop a wearable system that could bridge the communication gap between trainee and instructor through multimodal communication (i.e. visual, haptic, auditory).

ECOMODE (Event-Driven Compressive Vision for Multimodal Interaction with Mobile Devices) is a project funded by the European Commission (H2020) that aims at designing and implementing touch-less mobile devices usable also by older adults and visually impaired people. By exploiting the recently matured biologically-inspired technique of event-driven compressive sensing (EDC) of audio-visual information, interaction with ECOMODE technology is based on mid-air gestures and vision-assisted speech recognition.

The SUITCASE (SUstainable, Integrated and Territorial CAre SErvices) project aims at providing a comprehensive answer to the ageing phenomena from the economic, social, ethical and technological point of view. This vision can be reached out by extending the welfare system, overcoming the current organization based almost entirely on public resources.

I dati a servizio del cosumatore: LivLab è un laboratorio di sperimentazione per i servizi dedicati alla spesa basati sui Big Data. Il laboratorio è nato dlla collaborazione tra UniCoop, CNR, Telecom Italia e FBK. Si tratta di un'iniziativa che vede protagonisti un centinaio di soci Coop della città che stanno utilizzando in via  sperimentale innovativi servizi in grado di gestire la "memoria" delle loro spese e dei loro movimenti.

Mobile Territorial Lab aims at creating an experimental environment to push forward the research on human-behavior analysis and interaction studies of people while in mobility. MTL has been created by Telecom Italia SKIL Lab, in cooperation with Telefonica I+D, the Human Dynamics group at MIT Media Lab, the Institute for Data Driven Design (ID³) and Fondazione Bruno Kessler.

meSch (Material EncounterS with digital Cultural Heritage) has the goal of designing, developing and deploying tools for the creation of tangible interactive experiences that will connect the physical experience of museums and exhibitions with relevant digital cross-media information in novel ways. The meSch envisioning and realisation approach is grounded on principles of co-design, the broad participation of designers, developers and stakeholders into the process, and on a Do-It-Yourself philosophy to making and experimentation.

The objective of the 3-year project PerTe (Persuasive Technologies) is to design, implement and evaluate new technologies that are able to purposefully and implicitly influence the behavior of a co-located group of people. The project addresses specific research topics, such as: social signal processing, group behavior modeling and persuasive technologies.