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Elena Not

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Short bio

Elena Not received her degree in Computer Science from the University of Udine. Since 1992 she has been a research scientist at ITC-irst, now FBK. She has worked on several national and international research projects reflecting her interest in Intelligent User Interfaces, Recommender Systems, Adaptive Hypermedia and Natural Language Generation with particular focus on personalization, text planning, discourse structure, referring expressions generation, and integration with other modalities. She took active part in the research and development activities of many European funded projects in the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th Framework.

Research interests
Adaptive information presentation Personalization and Recommender Systems Dynamic hypermedia generation User-centred design
 Selected publications

Elena Not, Daniela Petrelli. "Empowering cultural heritage professionals with tools for authoring and deploying personalised visitor experiences". User Model User-Adap Inter (2019). Springer Netherlands. (Springer Nature SharedIt link)

Elena Not, Daniela Petrelli. "Blending Customisation, Context-Awareness and Adaptivity for Personalised Tangible Interaction in Cultural Heritage", International Journal of Human Computer Studies, Volume 114, June 2018, Pages 3-19, Special Issue on Advanced User Interfaces for Cultural Heritage (eds. Cristina Gena, Tsvi Kuflik, Joel Lanir, Berardina De Carolis) DOI:10.1016/j.ijhcs.2018.01.001 (Science Direct Link)

Mark T. Marshall, Daniela Petrelli, Nick Dulake, Elena Not, Michele Marchesoni, Elisa Trenti, Anna Pisetti, "Audio-based Narratives for the Trenches of World War I: Intertwining Stories, Places and Interaction for an Evocative Experience", Int. J. Human-Computer Studies, Volume 85, January 2016, Pages 27–39, Special Issue on Data Sonification and Sound Design in Interactive Systems (eds. Sandra Pauletto, Howard Cambridge and Patrick Susini) (Science Direct link)

Daniela Petrelli, Luigina Ciolfi, Dick van Dijk, Eva Hornecker, Elena Not, Albrecht Schmidt, "Integrating material and digital: a new way for cultural heritage", interactions, Volume 20 Issue 4, July + August 2013, 58-63, ACM New York, NY, USA (link)

O. Stock, M. Zancanaro, P. Busetta, C. Callaway, A. Krueger, M. Kruppa, T. Kuflik, E. Not and C. Rocchi "Adaptive, intelligent presentation of information for the museum visitor in PEACH", In UMUAI - User Modeling and User-Adapted Interaction, Volume 17, Number 3, July 2007, 257-304, Winner of the 2007 James Chen Annual Award for Best UMUAI Paper, (published online, 25 April 2007, SpringerLink )

Pianesi Fabio, Zancanaro Massimo, Not Elena, Leonardi Chiara, Falcon Vera, Lepri Bruno, "Multimodal Support to Group Dynamics", In Personal and Ubiquitous Computing, Volume 12, Number 3, March 2008, 181-195, (published online, 14 March 2007, SpringerLink)

Charles Callaway, Elena Not, Alessandra Novello, Cesare Rocchi, Oliviero Stock and Massimo Zancanaro, "Automatic Cinematography and Multilingual NLG for Generating Video Documentaries", In Artificial Intelligence, vol. 165, June 2005, 57-89 (link)

Daniela Petrelli, Elena Not, "User-centred Design of Flexible Hypermedia for a Mobile Guide: Reflections on the HyperAudio Experience", In UMUAI - User Modeling and User-Adapted Interaction, special issue on "User Modeling in Ubiquitous Computing", vol. 15, numbers 3-4, August 2005, 303-338 (link)

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