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Eleonora Mencarini

  • Phone: 0461314576
  • FBK Povo
Short bio

Eleonora is a Post-Doctoral researcher. She graduated from her PhD in June 2018 with a thesis on "Designing Wearables for Climbing: Integrating the Practice and the Experience Perspectives of Outdoor Adventire sports". Moreover, she holds a MA in Communication Science from the University of Siena (Italy)

Currently, she pursues her research line on wearable technology for outdoor sports with the project Across (Augmented Communication for Outdoor Sports) funded by the Caritro Foundation (grant n. SG 1939/17 – Rif. Int. 2017.0333).

Research interests
Co-design Embodiment Wearable devices

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Mencarini, E., Leonardi, C., De Angeli, A., & Zancanaro, M. (2016, October). "Design Opportunities for Wearable Devices in Learning to Climb". In Proceedings of the 9th Nordic Conference on Human-Computer Interaction - NordiCHI'16. ACM. (PDF)