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Nadia Mana

  • Phone: 0461314514
  • FBK Povo
Short bio

Nadia Mana has been working at FBK (formerly ITC-irst) since June 1996. Graduated in Language Philosophy (University of Torino), in 2006 she received her PhD degree in Information and Communication Technologies from the University of Trento. She has an extended experience having been working on several EU and national research projects, ranging from Natural Language Processing (NLP) to Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). In particular, she matured a 20-year experience in data collection and processing, as well as in designing and conducting user studies and technology evaluation. Recently her research interests focus on the design and evaluation of multimodal and interactive technologies, including applications to support education, teaching and learning.

Research interests
multimodal interaction; adaptive systems to support learning; evaluation methodology of advanced interfaces; user studies.

Selected publications:

  1. Mana, N.; Mich, O.; Ferron, M. (2018). Are mid-air gestures perceived as strenuous when used to interact with mobile technology by older adults?. DOI:10.4017/gt.2018.17.s.085.00. pp.85-85. In GERONTECHNOLOGY - ISSN:1569-1101 vol. 17 (s)
  2. Mana, N., Mich, O., & Ferron, M. (2017). How to increase older adults’ accessibility tomobile technology? The new ECOMODE camera. In ForItAAL-Forum Italiano Ambient Assisted Living. 
  3. Schiavo, G.; Mana, N.; Mich, O.; Arici, . M. (eds.). Tecnologie Digitali e DSA, Trento, Provincia Autonoma di Trento - IPRASE, 2016.

Complete list of publications in FBK catalogue: here.