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Short bio

I have been working as technician at ITC-irst, now FBK, since 2000. I 'm supporting I3 group in development of tools, integration of software solutions and specific needs I3 reseachers require to implemente their interest research topics. I also worked on a suite of tools for annotatation on multimedia contents. Since 2008 I have been focusing my research activity on sensors integration and systems and algorithm development for behaviour analysis purposes. I have strong background on software engineering and computer programming, but I'm interesting in Interaction design topics too.


Research interests
sensor integration and development Human Computer Interaction Co-located Collaborative Interfaces Automatic Behaviour Analysis
  1. Schiavo G.Mencarini E.Cappelletti A., Stock O., Zancanaro M.
    Ambient Influence for Promoting Balanced Participation in Group Brainstorming.

A. Cappelletti, B. Lepri, N. Mana, F. Pianesi, and M. Zancanaro. A multimodal data collection of daily activities in a real instrumented apartment