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Past Projects

PRESTO (Plausible Representation of Emergency Scenarios for Training Operations) is an industrial research project being run by Delta Informatica (Trento, Italy) in collaboration with partners including FBK, the University of Trento and the Health Authority of the Province of Trento (APSS).

Personal Fitness Club aims at extending the period of independent living and increasing the wellbeing of older citizens by promoting an active lyfestyle, fostering at the same time social interactions and emotional wellbeing. With Personal Fitness Club older adults can perform regular training at home in a virtual gym, independently but with the feeling of training within a fitness class, with other club members.

Fitcity is a two-years project started in January 2013 and aimed at promoting a physically active lifestyle through the use of a mobile application that integrates scientifically based fitness assessments and workout routines, gamification techniques, psychological theories and peer-pressure mechanisms. 

The goal of the project is the creation of innovative solutions for automatic monitoring of tourists behaviour. TravelMonitor focuses on mechanisms for collecting and processing information from the Social Web and on ways to present informative analytics to tourism operators.

The project aims at developing collaborative technologies designed to promote the learning of social competence by children who are typically developing and those with Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD).

The main objective of LODE (LOgic-based web tool for DEaf children) project was to create a multimedia educational tool for deaf children from eight to thirteen, to help and motivate them understanding a text articulated in various temporal events linked together by causal relationships, and to promote, at the same time, the personal narrative skills.

The goal of ACUBE project was to create an advanced, generic monitoring infrastructure for Assisted Living, able to monitor in a uniform, adaptive, and high quality manner the patients, the environment and its operators, and the ongoing activities. In a typical scenario, ACube acts as a supervisor of a physical environment where people with cognitive problems (some more severe than others) are living. ACube serves as an aide to the various caregivers who provide both monitoring and care for the guests.

NetCarity is a European project researching and testing technologies which will help older people to improve their wellbeing, independence, safety and health at home. The project investigated how new and existing technologies can be integrated cost effectively into people's homes, making them feel more comfortable about remaining in this familiar environment

ITCH (Intelligent Technologies for Cultural Visists and Mobile Education) was a joint project between Italy and Israel, sponsored by the Italian Ministry of University and Research and by the Autonomous Province of Trento. The project was concerned with new concepts for intelligent technologies supporting museum visits.

The project objective was that of studying and experimenting with advanced technologies that can enhance cultural heritage appreciation by creating an interactive and personalized guide. The aim was that of developing and using innovative technology to provide an educational and entertaining experience fit for each individual's background, needs and interests.