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meSch | Looking for volunteers to test technology at Museo della Guerra

News date: 
Tuesday, 20 October, 2015

In the section of the Museum that is dedicated to the artillery of  the First World War an installation with meSch technology,embedded within multimedia devices, has been deployed. The exhibition shows how the fort Pozzacchio, a great stronghold built by Austro-Hungarians on the eve of the Great War, has influenced the life of inhabitants of the Vallarsa valley over about a century. The focus of the exhibition is to tell stories of their lives using meSch technology in order to increase the awareness of the importance of cultural heritage of small communities.

This week meSch researchers from Sheffield Hallam University, Museo Storico Italiano della Guerra and Fondazione Bruno Kessler are conducting a visitor survey. The results of this visitor evaluation will be used to understand the impact and potential of interactive technologies in cultural spaces with high historical and emotional value and in difficult enviornmental conditions (e.g. caverns).

To participate as a voluteer in the visitor survey read the invitation here.