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Michela Ferron

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  • FBK Povo
Short bio

Michela Ferron holds a PhD in Cognitive and Brain Sciences from the University of Trento and a  master degree in Social and Communication Psychology from the University of Padua. She has been working at FBK since 2008, and she has participated as researcher in several local and EU funded projects. In the past years her research has ranged across topics such as usability and accessibility for senior citizens, collaboration and communication over digital networks, and the study of technologies for nudging behavioural change and promoting health and well-being. Her research interests range from behavioural change for wellbeing and sustainability to communication networks and user-centred & interaction design.

Research interests
Cognitive & social psychology Social aspects of Web 2.0 User-centred design Interaction design
Selected publications

Ferron, M., Leonardi, C. Massa, P., Schiavo, G., Murphy, A. L., Farella, E. (2019). A Walk on the Child Side: Investigating Parents’ and Children’s Experience and Perspective on Mobile Technology for Outdoor Child Independent Mobility. CHI 2019, Glasgow, UK. iconfinder_icon-17-medal_316225 Honourable mention at CHI 2019

Ferron, M., Mana, N., & Mich, O. (2015, November). Mobile for older adults: towards designing multimodal interaction. In Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Mobile and Ubiquitous Multimedia (pp. 373-378). ACM.

Far, I. K., Ferron, M., Ibarra, F., Baez, M., Tranquillini, S., Casati, F., & Doppio, N. (2015). The interplay of physical and social wellbeing in older adults: investigating the relationship between physical training and social interactions with virtual social environments. PeerJ Computer Science, 1, e30.

Ferron, M., & Massa, P. (2013). Transtheoretical Model for Designing Technologies Supporting an Active Lifestyle. Paper presented at the Proceedings of the Biannual Conference of the Italian Chapter of SIGCHI, Trento, Italy.

Ferron, M., & Massa, P. (2013). Beyond the encyclopedia: Collective memories in Wikipedia. Memory Studies. doi: 10.1177/1750698013490590

Ferron, M., & Massa, P. (2012). Psychological processes underlying Wikipedia representations of natural and manmade disasters. In Proceedings of ACM WikiSym 2012 (August 27-29 2012). New York, ACM Press.

Ferron, M., & Massa, P. (2011). Collective memory building in Wikipedia: The case of North African uprisings. In Proceedings of ACM WikiSym 2011 (October 3-5 2011). New York, ACM Press.

Ferron, M., Massa, P., & Odella, F. (2011). Analyzing collaborative networks emerging in Enterprise 2.0: the Taolin Platform. In Procedia Social and Behavioral Sciences, 10, 68–78.

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